", "This is a country I came to do good," he said. In Mexico, he got right back to work, opening. 2. And he began linking up with the best specialists in their respective fields: Jess Escalera, who was named Latin Americas Best Pastry Chef in 2018 by the Worlds 50 Best Restaurants; Mica Rousseau, a Mexico City-based bartender who was heralded as the countrys top mixologist in the 2016 World Class competition; and Ignacio Cadena, a contemporary restaurant designer responsible for Hueso in Guadalajara and La Leche in Puerto Vallarta. Tzuco is one of three new restaurants opening from Carlos Gaytn. The restaurant was packed the next night. He became the first Mexican chef to earn the honor and held onto it for another year. Then came the show, in which he placed fourth out of 17, and more important, his portrayal as the even-keeled, faithful, photogenic Latino. Back then, he and his parents foraged for wild ingredients, hunted game and butchered animals. Carlos Gaytn is the chef-owner of Tzuco, and according to him, one of his biggest achievements is when he became the first Mexican chef to win Michelin Star. Learn more about our use of cookies: cookie policy. Then, already a year late opening, Mexique failed its final inspections. Closing Mexique still stings chef Carlos Gaytn. After a short but productive foray in Mexico, hes reappeared in Chicago, where hes got an ambitious plan to open three restaurant concepts under one roof in a matter of months. ", Said Louis Maldonado, another "Top Chef" colleague: "His beliefs, morals, family and church that really shined through. He also opened two additional concepts Panango, a bakery that specialized in Mexican pastries, and a private tasting menu experience, "Tales of Carlos Gaytn," which focused on foods from the chef's personal travels though they eventually closed. "What they don't see is I'm supporting 20-plus families at my restaurant. Gaytan thought: "We're done for." Please check your user ID. A miracle is a coincidence you know can't be a coincidence. In November 2012, Michelin released its list of "Bib Gourmands" for the 2013 guidebook. Miller took Gaytan under his tutelage. August 10, 2020. In 2004, he became chef de cuisine at Bistrot Margot, where he worked with French Chef Dominique Tougne. See Photos. Every day he gets stopped on the street by strangers, their phones already toggled to the camera function. But after he closed it in May 2018,. There, he went on to become the first Mexican Chef to receive a Michelin star in 2013 and 2014.Today, Chef Carlos Gaytn wants to present the best of Mexico through his own vision, as infused with the French haute cuisine techniques he acquired during his practice.Tzucofrom Huitzucois a new restaurant located in The Gold Coast of Chicago. So, how much is Keith Carlos Gaytan worth at the age of 46 years old? in early March, which will be his most personal restaurant to date. Lives in Clovis, New Mexico. What to watch. Gaytn worked from the bottom to. There are 300+ professionals named "Carlos Gaytan", who use LinkedIn to exchange information, ideas, and opportunities. They poured their savings into building Mexique. In May 2008, Gaytn opened Mexique in West Town, which, back then, was known more for its crime rate than its food scene. Throughout the restaurants prep period, he can be seen sharpening knives, sweeping floors, and (as seen here) organizing the kitchens many trays of food to ensure an efficient workflow. "I don't believe in coincidences. Tzuco is officially open for business! He has that balance part figured out pretty well. The thing is that I dont want you kids to be like me; I want you to be better than me. The Untold Truth About Jason Bateman's Wife Amanda. "This man picked up the phone and called every inspector and had them reschedule their inspection for our restaurant the following day," she said. Gaytan assures that all his food is mom-approved. Blanca Rios 10/15/2021. Gaytan borrowed the passport of a friend who bore a resemblance and entered the country at age 21. A year later, via a cryptic Instagram post in May 2018, Gaytn announced his return with Tzuco, which opened in September 2019 in the Gold Coast neighborhood and kicked off the chef's ambitious comeback. It was exactly 30 years ago that a young aspiring chef from Mexico came to Chicago with nothing but a backpack and a dream. But, you like a challenge. He gets recognized not because of his restaurant but because he appeared on a reality cooking competition. "He was that father figure. Ambitious, personable, bilingual, and highly organized professional with excellent communication skills always seeking new opportunities in Education, Social Services, and Clinical Settings where . It was just amazing," said Gaytan. "I obviously had a dream, but I didn't know it . He has decided to utilize his fame toward one cause. The timing of events was too neat to be random. Tzucos business day begins in earnest, as Gaytan and his staff begin prepping the various appetizers, entrees, and desserts that have earned the restaurant rave reviews from community members and critics alike. The seed for Mexique was planted. Copyright 2023 WLS-TV. Gaytan learned to cook, too, and that position led him to an 8-year-stint at the Union League Club in the Loop, then as chef de cuisine at Bistrot Margot in 2004. "Top Chef" hired psychologists to consult with contestants on how to deal with their newfound celebrity. In 2018, chef Carlos Gaytn abruptly closed his trailblazing Mexican fine dining restaurant, Mexique, in Chicago and left the country. Homework time, as Gaytan puts it, is filled with emails and other computer work critical to the restaurants operations. CHICAGO (WLS) -- It was exactly 30 years ago. The same week Gaytn announced the close of Mexique, and left for Mexico, he promised to come back to Chicago. By submitting your email to receive this newsletter, you agree to our, Elmhurst Blotter: Man charged with battery for allegedly punching a security guard at a bar, Hinsdale police blotter: multiple thefts reported by patients at Hinsdale Hospital, Glenview police blotter: Harwood Heights woman charged with possession of a stolen vehicle, Do Not Sell/Share My Personal Information. Your email address will not be published. I take advantage of my French schooling and everything Ive learned over the years. Those stories will include how he learned to cook from his mother, Doa Tet, when he was a child in the 1970s. They have arranged for social distancing measures for all diners, so some customers will eat outside while others will dine indoors at carefully distanced tables. Carlos Gaytan. Running a restaurant requires a devotion most outside the industry can't comprehend. Its about me, he said. A city inspector wrote him a $700 ticket. Aside from Tzuco , Gaytan also owns the restaurant "Ha" in Mexico and is on the verge of opening a third restaurant in California. He also gathered young Mexican chefs and asked this all-star team to return to Chicago with him. And biznaga (cactus) with cilantro-flavored pineapple, tomatillo marmalade, cactus sorbet and stone yogurt. This one is very small, so its going to be detailed and execution is going to be more precise than everything else,, Tales is what the evolution of the chefs counter looks like. Then, in the 1990s, he moved to Chicago as an undocumented immigrant, taking a job as a dishwasher at the Sheraton Milwaukee North Shore Hotel. Several weeks ago, Gaytan flew six contestants from the show to Chicago. What to eat. The fish is stuffed with a salsa of almonds, tomatoes, and roasted red peppers to keep it moist, and its topped with a light salad of tomatoes and avocados. Tales will have a fixed menu, but the dishes will change consistently. Photo: Jeremy Repanich. The open kitchen Carlos Gaytn was the first Mexican chef with a Michelin-starred restaurant. That concept is fairly massive. Now it's been exposed tenfold to an audience of Bravo viewers who aren't necessarily dining obsessives but will visit Chicago and have Girl & The Goat and Mexique on their itinerary before Alinea. His career began at the Sheraton North Shore Hotel as a dishwasher. At the same time, La Casa de Dios was taking root. I can teach you the way that I get here, and I know you want to do that, but why stop right here? The nondemoninational Christian church and youth center is housed in a converted home on North Troy Street that was donated by Iliamar's mother, Iris. The initial burst of goodwill faded as newer restaurants garnered buzz. Gaytn believes in the potential of other Mexican chefs, and although he is the first, he doesnt want to be the last. private Union League Club of Chicago, and then Bistrot Margot, where chef Dominique Tougne taught him French technique. She says she prayed before walking in the Business Affairs and Consumer Protection Department at City Hall: "We are not asking for money. Mexique opened in May 2008. Gaytan drops by the local restaurant depot to pick up sugar, mascarpone, meat, and other ingredients that he and his team need at Tzuco. As he comes around to taste every chef's creation, he says to Gaytan "I'm very particular about al pastor, because I'm from LA.". Where you will wash your hands, its all shared between men and women, says Gaytan. Carlos Gaytan can be an acting professional, known for Circunstancias (1983). They have also lived in Fresno, CA and Huntington Beach, CA. The design of Tzuco feels like dining inside of a lush natural history museum; artifacts and natural objects fill glass cases hanging from the wall. And return he has. Her brother Hiram, a medical student, offers wellness checks to families. Peeling the Styrofoam away from the cake, it was then plated with a sweet cream spiked with tequila. Gaytan is under no illusion that success will last forever. That represents home for me. About a week later, on the morning after he and Iliamar got on their knees in the living room and prayed, Michelin called to inform them of the upgrade to one-star status. So Gaytan and his father hunted deer, wild turkeys and iguanas while his mother foraged from nearby fields. "When your faith is so strong, there's not a chance to believe in that. The seed for Mexique was planted. It will only be open three days a week and will serve an 11-course tasting menu. Carlos and Iliamar say they were raised as nominal Catholics but grew into their religion when their faith was tested when Mexique was under construction. I spent a whole year in Mexico even after living there for 20 years, I still didnt know enough to understand my culture,Gaytan says. His net worth has been growing significantly in 2021-2022. Mexique, however, isn't Gaytan's singular focus; the restaurant is the means to an end, the end being his church. All Rights Reserved. The business suffered. "I don't believe in coincidences. By night's end, they had raised $21,000 for the church Mexique built. Global dining destinations such as Mi Tocaya, Quintonil, and Cosme all of which opened after Mexique are examples of how chefs have risen to meet the demand. Construction dragged, and unforeseen expenses popped up. The first Mexican chef to earn a Michelin Star and a former Top Chef contestant, Gaytan is determined to serve delicious, authentic food to everyone in the Chicago communityno matter their circumstances. All rights reserved. Hes already two-thirds of the way there. Americans dont think of Mexican food as fine dining. I'm the chef owner of Tzuco and one of my. Don't give them the chance. Exposure on that show doesn't translate to guaranteed success. Church members chipped in to help the restaurant repay its $17,000 in back taxes. Many who attend La Casa de Dios are refugees from Africa and immigrant families from Mexico and Central America, and like Gaytan came to the country speaking little English and overwhelmed by the culture. Gaytan made this dish on Top Chef and it's very clever. Mexique opened in May 2008. Seven chefs from his season reunited minus the television cameras and countdown clocks to contribute a dish each for a $200-a-head benefit reception at the Union League Club. It wasn't the first time, either, that they were rescued from some seemingly inescapable predicament. Photographer Sandy Noto followed Tzuco's Executive Chef and Owner, Carlos Gaytan, around his adopted hometown of Chicago. August 9, 2021, 12:43 PM (SOUNDBITE) (English) CARLOS GAYTAN, FIRST MEXICAN CHEF TO EARN A MICHELIN STAR, SAYING: "Hi, my name is Carlos Gaytn. In 2018, chef Carlos Gaytn abruptly closed his trailblazing Mexican fine dining restaurant, Mexique, in Chicago and left the country. The pork pibil is Gaytans mothers recipe, and he wraps in in banana leaves and braises it for four hours. Most of the chef-contestants quickly recede back into anonymity. The day of the phone call, his restaurant drew 11 customers. Fans snapped endless photos with Gaytan and his fellow Top Chefs. Sign up to our newsletter to stay in touch with your cultura. He was free to go. Church members chipped in to help the restaurant repay its $17,000 in back taxes. Youtuber Caleb Hyles' Biography: Age, Wife, Net Wo Joanna Pacua - Who actually is she? When Michelin gave Mexique its "Bib Gourmand" designation two years in a row a seal of approval for a good restaurant deal it bumped business in the right direction but not enough for the restaurant to get in the black. Subscribe to RR1 Live+ for exclusive virtual events all year long (at least 1 per month), conversations with Robb Report editors, special perks, and more. Mexique was one of 16 restaurants to be awarded a one-star rating in Chicago, on par with Blackbird, Spiaggia and Tru, restaurants considered the finest in the city. Once you break with expectations, you can begin to suggest new experiences to the diner, he added. Here, he would mentor Mexican chefs and continue to serve traditional Mexican dishes, but prepared with French technique, like he had done at Mexique. Located in the up-and-coming West Town neighborhood before it was neither up nor coming, the restaurant struggled. We are [taking] a very talented group, from investors to chefs, he, the Mexican newspaper El Universal at the time. He has decided to utilize his fame toward one cause. The trucha (trout) is a particular favorite of Gaytans. Fans snapped endless photos with Gaytan and his fellow Top Chefs. Heres Why. Gaytan charges up with French press coffee before heading to his restaurant Tzuco, located in Chicagos Gold Coast neighborhood. Not anymore," Gaytan said. Chef Lorena Garcia and Rmy Martin invite you to honor the concept of sobremesa, Chef Jos Andrs will be honored with the Service to America Leadership Award, Chef Lorena Garcia celebrates the launch of a brain cancer research project to honor her brother, Chef Jos Andrs is sending paella to Earths orbit with Axiom Spaces private astronauts, Beau Casper Smart talks about Metaverse dancing and the time he met Bad Bunny, David Beckham meets Lionel Messi in France amid Inter Miami transfer speculation, Gerard Piqu arrives in Miami and more estrellas we love, Ana de Armas surprises a fan in a restaurant in Cuba.

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