Related Read: What is a driver in a printer? Once your design is ready, open the Page Setup panel and adjust the Media Size to Printer and so information technology matches the viii.5 x 11" sheets of EasySubli. All you need is an Epson printer, some media, and your sublimation ink. In this article, we will walk you through the steps necessary to use an Epson printer with sublimation inks and products. Follow the instructions that come with the conversion kit to install the printhead and hardware. Is the issue with the printer or with the software? Im going to walk you through the steps for both options here. (1), February I laid the print inside the press and pulled the top so it hovers over the print without touching it at all. Epson printers are some of the most popular on the market, and for good reason. Press at 320 degrees for about 10 seconds then peel off the mask. Pick three of your favorites and combine them in photoshop. There are many other improve options including: Note: This post may contain chapter links. Now put this design on the shirt using the. To get started, simply print your design onto the special sublimation transfer paper using your Epson printer. And for orders shipping to Canada, the cost of EasySubli is around $12-$14 per yard. Sublimation is a printing process that uses heat to transfer ink onto a substrate, and easysubli ink is specifically designed for this purpose. 3. The vinyl transfer paper is specially coated to allow for easy release of the sublimation inks from the paper during the transfer process. You can do this by using heat resistant tape or byclips. Yes No Score 1 Add a comment Add your answer If you enjoy my product reviews and writing, please share them. Remove all the outside excess and then remove anything in the center that you dont want to be transferred to your project. It's time consuming and cumbersome and if you are doing this on the regular, there are far better processes and printers available that will increase your production and give you a better quality. After the sublimation process is complete, your printer will be ready to use! If your design is more complicated, youll want to use a mask. This software is free and can be downloaded from the Easysubli website.Once you have the software, you will need to connect your Epson printer to your computer. The colors dont always print out perfectly. Currently, the only compatible Epson printers are the Artisan 1430, the Workforce WF-7710, and the Workforce WF-7720. 5. Whether youre printing on paper, fabric, ceramic, or metal, EasySubli can handle it. (1), October This can be done with a heat press or a heat gun. That means you can use EasySubli with all Explore and Maker machines. This ink is perfect for people who want to create their own custom t-shirts, mugs, or other personalized items. Here were going to show you two different ways that you can use the Siser Easysubli to put designs in either dark shirts or just regular old cotton shirts using this. 3 Select Virtuoso Print Manager (AKA VPM)* from the list of possible printers and wait for the Settings window to appear. The mask will be sticky when you peel back the liner if youre not sure which is which. Once you have identified the problem, the next step is to try to find a solution. Overall the photo paper glossy did have the best printing result as usual sublimation is a little faded out but not too bad. This ink system allows you to quickly and easily add full-color images and graphics to your projects, without the need for a separate sublimation machine. Remember to subscribe for more inexpensive and easy beginner projects!https://craft-ily.com, if you have a CricutCricut has a pretty sweet deal on machines and materials right now, you should totally check it out (if you do so using this link I will earn a little cash from your purchase at no extra cost to you!). I can just peel it up in one piece, like a sticker, and place it on my shirt where I want it. Heat guns get very hot and can easily damage your product or paper. Many EcoTank printers are compatible with Performance-D sublimation ink, but there may be some exceptions. Have you been looking for a way to print beautiful multicolor designs that can be applied to polyester or cotton garments of any color? 4. In addition, don't forget to look for specific answers by using the Search Box on the blog. 2. Try to not touch the image it will smear very much. First, you will need to purchase an Easysubli kit. This will open up the Sawgrass Print Manager. If there are several pieces to the design, weed away the excess material around the design and use the Siser mask (transfer sheet) to pick up the design If any ink is damp this will hopefully prevent any smearing because the wheels arent rolling over the ink. However, many people are not aware that they can also be used with Easysubli. When information technology's done cut, weed away the excess. (4), July It's probably hard to brand sure information technology'southward lined up so you lot may want to trim down shut to the design in parts to aid with alignment. Once you have confirmed that your printer is compatible, you will need to purchase the easysubli ink system. I use affiliate links. Any action you take based on the information found on is strictly at your discretion. For a printable PDF copy of this guide, click here. With this hack in your arsenal, you'll have a whole new method for tackling EasySubli!Design used in this video Needed Disclosure: Some of the links are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, we will earn a commission if you click through and purchase.Siser EasySubli (8,4x11) - Pad - Easy Press (9x9)- Tools - - Intro00:19 - This Can Be Done In Both Silhouette Studio \u0026 Cricut Design Space01:08 - Cut File \u0026 Sublimation File Setup \u0026 Config08:44 - EasySubli Weeding 09:38 - Spraying Print09:55 - Lining Up EasySubli \u0026 Print11:20 - Applying Heat Press11:41 - Finished Design11:53 - RoundupWatch Next 3 Siser EasySubli Tips to Cut Siser EasySubli for Sublimation with the Silhouette Cameo How To Use Siser Easy Subli Bundles is one of the worlds largest Craft and Design Marketplaces We love providing quality designs at affordable prices. The Country Chic Cottage is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to For the printed image, I am printing on regular sublimation paper with my sublimation printer using sublimation ink. 2. Epson printers are some of the most popular printers on the market. We need to cut the same design (not reversed) out of the. This will help me locate the print over the EasySubli. Place the Siser EasySubli where you want it and then cover it with protective paper and press at 311 degrees for about 8 seconds. EasySubli is very easy to use. It comes with a user-friendly interface that makes applying your sublimation designs quick and easy. Once you have the kit, you will need to download the Easysubli software. Peel the mask back and add it to the EasySubli and press it down onto the material really well. It is important to make sure that the surface is clean and free of any debris before you place the paper down. Next, place the image face down on top of the shirt or other item that you want to apply it to. 2. EasySubli is a new sublimation technology that allows you to print full color images on mugs in seconds. ago Once the mask is applied, peel up vinyl from the plastic backing and position on your garment. Welcome to the WF-7210 User's Guide. (3), January Step 1: Print Your Design on Sublimation Paper. Siser EasySubli Inks are capable of more than just printing on EasySubli and are available for the Virtuoso SG400 and SG800! Our designs work almost all die cutting and laser cutting machines and each purchase comes with a Premium License, allowing you to sell end products made from our DesignsPlease Subscribe Below it really helps our channel and helps us to bring you new videos! That's all there is to it! Once its on the canvas, you can resize it for Print-then-Cut. EasySubli is made to be used with a Sawgrass printer with a specific ink. (4), December Just make sure that the printer is set up for sublimation printing. Siser EasySubliworks a little differently from the other types of HTV that we carry, so heres a brief tutorial of how to work with this new iron-on sublimation material! After a minute or two, you should see your image start to transfer onto the product. (1), April I like to leave the material on the mat because its easy to weed that way. One is that EasySubli inks are not compatible with all Epson printers. IP Address: or First, youll need to purchase the EasySubli Sublimation Starter Kit, which includes the sublimation ink cartridges, a refillable ink tank, and a special sublimation transfer paper. If using a mask, carefully place it over your cut and weeded design and use firm pressure to properly mask your design. Please SUBSCRIBE and help us reach 6K!! You will need to change the color mode to "RGB" and the color management type to "ICC." Theres no background to erase so were set here and then save it as a. Then make sure mirror is OFF. Its okay, it still looks great. There are typically four of them - cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. This image was already a png file with the background removed so I dont have to do anything extra. Burnish the mask onto the material really well and then lift it all up and burnish from the back as well. Go to where you can find what Im told to be called adorable gnomes. Your custom item is now ready to wear or use. NOTE: If your image has a background, youll need to use the tools on the left side of the screen to remove it. Install the ink cartridge into your printer according to the instructions that came with your printer. This one does look really good and I feel like I got the location pretty close to exact using the method that I used. This is a great way to make prints on a variety of products including canvases, paper, and more. Using EasySubli with an Epson Sublimation Printer, Print-then-Cut Settings for Epson Printer with Siser EasySubli, Locating Sublimation Print onto EasySubli, Finished EasySubli with Epson Sublimation Print, Cons of Using Sublimation Print with EasySubli. Even though the shirt is black the colors show really well and the whites are bright and white. Plus, its advanced settings give you the ability to fine-tune your designs for optimal results. Press at 320 degrees for about 10 seconds then peel off the mask. 8. Next, you will need to install the easysubli conversion kit. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to do it: 1. How to Use EasySubli with Epson Printers The alternative way to use EasySubli without printing directly onto it is to print on sublimation paper, cut the Siser EasySubli separately, and then sublimate on top of it. It can help you save time and money in decision-making. That's all there is to it! I set mine to 0.125 and then click apply. Made just for you with all our love Created in Miami, Florida. Well begin by uploading our image into Design Space. This system allows you to print full color sublimation designs onto a variety of materials, including t-shirts, mugs, and mousepads. The original file is more pastel, especially the lighter colors, and the greens are quite a bit different. (7), August The companys inkjet printers are known for their reliability and high quality. Please check the compatibility tab for more information. Locate the design where you want it on the garment. They consistently produce high-quality prints and are very user-friendly. After your image is printed on the EasySubli paper, you need to cut it out. Finally, you will need to install the easysubli media kit. Once your image is cut out, you need to place it onto the item that you want to print it on. The maximum cut size for Print-then-Cut is 6.75 by 9.25 inches. 6. Once the print job is complete, remove the transfer paper from the printer and place it onto your desired substrate. EasySubli is a new technology that allows you to print sublimation designs onto certain types of materials. (1), April Heat Transfer, Smooth as the fabric and increase the force to 26. After your design is printed onto the transfer paper, you will need to place the paper onto your t-shirt, mug, or other item. With an Epson Sublimation Printer - whether that's an F570 (my favorite wide format true sublimation printer) or a compact Epson F170 which is a true sublimation printer or a converted Epson printer - you'll need to print on sublimation paper first. EasySubli is a cutting-edge technology that allows you to print full color photos and designs onto sublimation paper using your regular inkjet printer. This post and photos may contain Amazon or other affiliate links. Remove the old ink cartridges by gently pushing on the top of each one until it pops out. Once your sublimation paper is in place, you need to heat it up. Printing Directly on Easysubli with an Epson EcoTank Once you have your image uploaded you will insert it onto your canvas and then size it appropriately. After the press is heated up, place your product in it and close the lid. Use high-quality paper. Once your printer is set up, you can begin printing your custom t-shirts, mugs, or other items. Locate and select your Epson printer. Please note that some products used may be given to The Country Chic Cottage free of charge. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to do it: 1. Place the EasySubli HTV directly onto the shirt. Can You Use a Sublimation Printer for Regular Printing? Take your new ink cartridges and insert them into the empty slots. This will prevent the paper from curling or coming loose during the printing process. Once you have your Sawgrass sublimation printer set up, use your preferred cutter and use the print/cut settings to prepare your file to print. Leave the printed sublimation transfer to the side for a few minutes. (6), April Once you have the inks, you will also need to purchase some EasySubli-compatible paper. Remember to keep the gun moving or you run the risk of burning your product. With a Sawgrass sublimation printer you tin can print directly onto EasySubli and so cut around the image, but Siser EasySubli- which is basically sublimation HTV - can't be fed into an Epson printer and printed on direct which means you take to take several extra steps. To cure your vinyl you will need to place it a few inches below your fully heatedheat press or iron for one minute. 5. Unsubscribe at any time. This is referred to as the 2 step method. That means nosotros'll need to print on sublimation paper then - in a carve up stride - press the sublimation transfer onto the EasySubli. With a Sawgrass sublimation printer you tin can print directly onto EasySubli and so cut around the image, but Siser EasySubli - which is basically sublimation HTV - can't be fed into an Epson printer and printed on direct which means you take to take several extra steps. For the best results, use a high-quality, heavyweight paper designed for sublimation printing. For best results, print in the highest quality setting and use the glossy or semi-glossy paper setting. Epsons are one of the most popular printers on the market and for good reason. For the previous method, we do not want to mirror the EasySubli. 7. The most popular surfaces for EasySubli prints are t-shirts, ceramic mugs, mouse pads, and even fabric! 7. Which is correct? If you have an Epson printer that uses the easysubli ink system, changing the ink cartridges is a relatively easy process. If your design is simple, like a circle or square, you could lift it and place it with your hands. This next process will take a little longer (around 4 minutes). While holding down the reset button, turn on your Epson printer. Excellent Result for FULL COLOR SUBLIMATION on 100% Cotton T Shirts!Follow Me on Social Media: @Katrinab_TV Fabrica All Access for Designs, bundles, templates, fonts and more! (3), November 4. We want the black box to be in the right location so your Cricut machine cuts in the right area. Once the exterior is clean, you'll need to clean the printhead. A bleed adds a little extra printed space so the blade has a margin for error during cutting. You can reuse the, Use some high temperature tape to keep the sublimation paper in place. It enables you to add sublimation prints to cotton fabrics for decoration. If your design is a solid piece, you can just peel it from the backing by hand and place it on your shirt. Its totally up to you. (8), November easysubli works best with a resolution of 1440x720dpi. Bank check the boxes to Testify Impress Border and Prove Cut edge. If youre looking to get the most out of your Epson printer, EasySubli is a great way to do it. I already had my Siser EasySubli in my Sawgrass printer. 2. How To Create Sublimation Designs In Procreate, How To Get Sublimation Ink Out Of A Shirt, How To Fix A Sublimation Mistake On A Shirt, How To Sublimate On Dark Shirts Without Bleach. It has long lasting color vibrancy on both soft and hard blanks. In addition to an Epson inkjet printer and some sublimation inks, you'll also need some EasySubli-approved transfer paper. Next, fill the ink tank with the included sublimation ink and install it onto your printer. Weeding EasySubli is similar to weeding other HTV materials. Easysubli is a unique sublimation ink that can be used with Epson printers. (1), August Related Read: Why is my printer only printing blue? 5. Step 2: Cure Open the design in Silhouette Studio. Then, you will need to heat up your iron. Im using the same image I did before but this time I am going to add an offset around it in Cricut Design Space. Place the fabric onto your heat press, and then press it according to the EasySubli instructions. How to Use Siser EasySubli with Epson Printer - YouTube, How to Use Easysubli with Epson Printer in Easy Steps, Siser Easy Subli HTV with an Epson Printer (You Don't Need A. Are you ready to tackle using Siser EasySubli with your Sublimation but you don't want to use it with Print and Cut? Then click Print! Once the paper is in place, you need to position your Epson printer so that the head is directly over the area that you want to print on. Use some high temperature tape to keep the sublimation paper in identify. However, we can give you a general idea of how much EasySubli costs. If the issue is with the software, then the first thing to do is to update to the latest version of easysubli. Regardless of which finished look you like best, if you have the Sawgrass Sublimation printer you can do either method. Siser EasySubli is different than regular sublimation paper and HTV. Purchased in 31ml cartridges. Cut the easy subli shape, weed, peel off and put on baking paper. Remove the butcher paper or other cloth and allow the substrate to cool before handling. Here is a guide on how to use Easysubli with an Epson printer.First, you will need to purchase an Easysubli kit. 3. Get Silhouette School lessons delivered to your e-mail inbox! I printed on half a sheet to test the ink and the cut setting. This is a question we get asked a lot! Then flip over and press onto the easy subli shape you have put onto baking paper. Easysubli is a sublimation ink that can be used with an Epson printer to create beautiful, full-color prints. Take these pictures and move them on over to the design space. Once you're happy with the size click make it up in the top right-hand corner. Once you have your product, you need to print your image onto sublimation paper. Trim around each of the four corners closely and find something that sticks out of the design and trim close around it. 2 Add a Bleed if needed. Yes! Easy Subli is primarily used for printing on T-shirts, hoodies, jackets, and other textiles, and the results are always high quality and durable. Click Print to start printing your design onto the transfer paper. Press at 385 degrees for about 30 seconds. In the print settings menu, select EasySubli as your printing mode. Once you have the software, you will need to connect your Epson printer to your computer. For this design, Im going to use the hat because its a feature that sticks out in the design. Use heat-resistant tape to hold the print in place and then add the protective paper over the top of the sublimation print and use heat-resistant tape to hold it into place. Pre-press the shirt as we did before. The process is simple and easy to do at home, and you'll be able to create professional-looking results that are perfect for t-shirts, bags, and more. 9. For this image, I set the height to the maximum and let the width auto-adjust to match that height. I really love how easy and fun it is to use. They demonstrates printing directly to EasySubli using a Sawgrass SG500 and SG1000 and cutting out the printed transfer with a hobby cutter as well as printing to sublimation paper with an Epson F570 and transferring to a pre-cut EasySubli area. Your design will now be permanently transferred onto your chosen surface! If the issue persists after updating the software, then try uninstalling and reinstalling easysubli. Make sure that you follow the instructions that came with your Easysubli kit.After your design is printed onto the transfer paper, you will need to place the paper onto your t-shirt, mug, or other item. Use a heat press to apply heat and pressure to the transfer paper, which will cause the ink to sublimate (turn into gas) and permanently bond with the substrate. It comes up!\u0026u=2982971\u0026m=77504\u0026urllink=\u0026afftrack=My Amazon store for business suppliesAffiliate link (I do earn a small commission when you shop my favorite business products! 6. It's fine for one-off situations, but as I said before I would not recommend this for anyone who needs full color images on darks or cottons regularly or in volume. Then once its done cutting, remove it from the machine. We need to cutting the same blueprint (not reversed) out of the EasySubli. Make sure that they are inserted all the way. Intro Siser Easy Subli HTV with an Epson Printer (You Don't Need A SAWGRASS Printer) Katrina's Graceful Creations 103K subscribers Subscribe 5.4K 199K views 1 year ago Today I will show you. When youre doing a sublimation image you want to select complex to continue. Ready your heat pressto well-nigh 350 for five seconds. While that'due south warming up take a canvas of the EasySubli mask and place it over the EasySubli cutting canvas so y'all can skin the transfer the EasySubli design onto the shirt. Then, you'll need to remove any ink cartridges or other supplies that might be in the way. In the Print dialog box, click the Advanced button and then select Printers. By continuing to browse, you accept our use of cookies as explained in our Privacy Policy. You want to print onto the white material itself. Related Read: Why is my canon printer so slow? When you are ready to print, simply click the Print button on your Epson printer. Thanks for leaving a comment! The other material is the EasySubli that we want to print on. (2), September Make sure that you position the design where you want it. From there you can remove any inner cuts using contour if you would like. Thermoadhesive film with polyester backing designed for inkjet digital printing systems using sublimation based inks. The first step is to identify the problem. (2), December (1), February select. 2. The mask is like an HTV transfer tape. This software is free and can be downloaded from the Easysubli website. When you switch to EasySubli, you wont ever be constrained to white polyester again! If you'd like to share, you are permitted to use a single photograph and a summary of a single post with a direct link back to the Silhouette School post. If you are looking for more information on EasySubli and Epson printers, you can check out the EasySubli website or the Epson website. Do not mirror your image. If youre looking for a sublimation printer thats easy to use and compatible with a wide range of substrates, then EasySubli is the perfect choice.

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