Thinking dried squid is smelly or people shouldnt eat insects are examples of, Cartoon showing a person offering another man some deep fried crickets. After numerous suspensions, the female employees were fired for violating Burlington's dress code policy. a) Immediately dismissing any employees caught violating the company's code of ethics or disregarding core values Frank Norris purchases a digital camera for $799.99, a tripod for$59.97, and a camera accessory kit for $89.99. The best answer is that primitive instincts such as emotions and evolutionary impulses all arise genetically from the one original tribe of humans so that they could survive. Is ethnocentrism bad or good? Symbolic culture changing actions include all of the following EXCEPT: A. knowing when to replace poorly performing workers and when to do a better job of coaching them to do the right things. One person is saying "you're a jerk" to the person who sat far away from him. B. is best done by instituting an aggressive program to train employees in the ways and beliefs of the new culture to be implanted. 65. To log in and use all the features of Khan Academy, please enable JavaScript in your browser. A. Insular and inwardly-focused A. is never a short-term exercise. c) Screening out job applicants who do not exhibit compatible character traits View themselves as members of a different culture with its own language, traditions, values, and literature. c) The work practices and behaviors that define "how we do things around here" E. making cultural values and beliefs the centerpiece of the company's competitive strategy. Cultures that tend to support good strategy execution include: Which of the following statements does NOT describe high-performance cultures? However, even among those of you that did go to an American high school, the definition of, So, learning a language does not mean only learning words. D. developing a new value statement that inspires company personnel to put forth their best efforts to achieve performance targets. a) Inwardly focused cultures What if someone told you their culture was the internet? Which of the following is NOT one of the chief factors that defines a company's corporate culture? E. Shifting from decentralized to centralized decision-making so as to give senior executives more authority and control in driving the cultural change. B. personally lead the implementation process and drive the pace of progress. C. Celebrating individual, group, and company successes C. Culture is driven by subordination. D. Centralized decision making and strict enforcement of company policies 44. B. prone to be preoccupied with avoiding risks and are unlikely to pursue actions to capture emerging opportunities. The correct answer is C) The culture of the Byzantine Empire became less diverse. C. When a company decides on any innovations to its products or services C. A sincere, long-standing company commitment to operating the business according to established traditions, thereby creating an internal environment that supports decision making and strategies based on cultural norms D. Treating employees as valued partners in the drive for operating excellence and good business performance E. Exhibiting teamwork and cooperative attitudes, 15. e) Periodically having ceremonial occasions to recognize individuals and groups who display the values and ethical principles. D. a deep commitment to pioneering new best practices, a preference for being a fast-follower as opposed to a first-mover or late-mover, and across-the-board bonuses for all personnel when the company meets or beats stretch objectives. ), Cost of new laptops: $569,$478, $620,$515, $598. Which of the following is a common characteristic of unhealthy corporate cultures? D. Committing to a no-layoff policy and to adequate funding of employee retirement programs Which of the following is NOT particularly helpful in perpetuating a company's culture? Enron, Countrywide Financial, and JPMorgan Chase are examples of companies whose culture became: Which of the following can help in changing a problem culture? To avoid judging the cultural practices of groups that are different to yours, we can use the. b) High-performance cultures are characterized by a results orientation and a spirit of achievement in beating performance targets. All other conditions of employment, including salary, hours, and benefits, were the same for female and male employees. C. A sincere, long-standing company commitment to operating the business according to established traditions, thereby creating an internal environment that supports decision making and strategies based on cultural norms Karen O'Donnell and other female employees refused to wear smocks. A lack of values and principles that are consistently preached or widely shared This is an example of ethnocentrism! Direct link to Isaac Deatherage's post Language relativity! E. The firm has a commitment to hiring young people who can offer fresh thinking and new perspectives. c) The work climate focuses on not tolerating any mistakes d) Change-resistant cultures, high performance culture, and politicized cultures For example, if you hear someone say that ginger is, Posted 6 years ago. The continuous empire-building that is a common practice as managers pursue their own agendas It takes concerted management action over a period of time to root out unconstructive behaviors and replace them with new ways of doing things. Making champions out of the people who spearhead new ideas and/or turn in winning performances A company's culture is NOT manifested in which of the following? D. is usually easier than it is to instill a strategy-supportive culture from scratch. B. being good at figuring out whether to arrive at decisions quickly or slowly in choosing among the various alternative adjustments. Direct link to Grant Parker's post can you make the pictures, Posted a year ago. It consumes a great deal of organizational energy, often with the result that what is best for the company takes a backseat. Which of th. Direct link to rprangen's post When is the time appropri, Posted 3 years ago. The mere necessity of uniformity in the interpretation of the national laws, decides the question. E. convincing employees that top management is genuinely committed to high ethical standards and the exercise of corporate social responsibility. The topic, subtopic, and section number for the subsequent measurement of asset retirement obligations. The statement that not describe Europe after that fall of the Western Roman Empire is "The culture of the Byzantine Empire became less diverse." If something characterized the Byzantine Empire after the fall of the Roman Empire was its diversity. B. the company's strategic vision, strategic intent, and strategy have to be adjusted to better reflect ingrained core values and cultural norms. Correct answer is WAITING TO BE CALLED ON TO SPEAK, as the culture of mainstream middle class values is more . C. A tight strategy-culture fit steers company personnel into displaying behaviors and adopting operating practices that promote good strategy execution. C. Promoting individuals who are known to possess the desired cultural traits, who have stepped forward to advocate the shift to a different culture, and who can serve as role models for the desired cultural behavior 70. b) Company personnel share a feeling of impeding doom if they don't deal with whatever threats are posed by competitors E. When the case for cultural reform is not credible, symbolic, nor substantive. D. Politicized Which of the following does NOT describe an unhealthy company culture? Which of the following is NOT a typical characteristic of a weak company culture? 29. Which one of the following best describes core American values? 15) Which of the following are unhealthy cultures that impede good strategy execution? In a strong-culture company: Expert Answer. Which of the following is NOT a factor that makes a politicized internal environment so unhealthy? Codes of ethics and statements of core values: D. Periodically having ceremonial occasions to recognize individuals and groups who display the values and ethical principles a) It takes concerted management action over a period of time to root out unconstructive behaviors an replace them with new ways of doing things. B. b) A company's strategic approach needs to be revamped to better fit the company's desired cultural traits. B. illustrate the kind of behavior the company reveres. The topic number for business combinations. A. the strategy has to be changed to fit the culture as rapidly as possible. On its statement of cash flows, it reported$1,241 million of cash flows from operating activities. a) There is much less risk of embarrassing ethical violations In a strong-culture company, senior managers make a point of reiterating key principles and core values to organization members; more importantly, they make a conscious effort to display these principles and values in their own actions and behavior and they insist that company values and business principles be reflected in the decisions and actions taken by all company personnel. a. the byzantine empire continued roman law and traditions b. trade between the byzantine empire and asia flourished c. the culture of the byzantine empire became less diverse d. the byzantine empire maintained a powerful army See answers Advertisement C. delegate little to subordinates and, instead, personally exert a strong, highly visible influence on the company's approaches to strategy execution. Given this, someone could very well say that they are influenced by internet culture, rather than an ethnicity or a society! High-performance cultures are inwardly focused and discount the capabilities and accomplishments of rival companies. D. Centralized decision making, strict enforcement of company policies, diligent pursuit of a distinctive competence, and a bold strategic intent are the hallmarks of a strong-culture company. For example, in many countries, religious minorities (religions that are not the dominant religion) often face discrimination. D. Urging company personnel to search outside the company for work practices and operating approaches that may be an improvement over what the company is presently doing, and paying sizable bonuses to those employees who identify practices that the company ends up adopting The standout cultural traits are a "can-do" spirit, pride in doing things right, no-excuses accountability, and a pervasive results-oriented work climate where people go the extra mile to meet or beat stretch objectives. E. Company cultures can be perpetuated by the telling and retelling of company legends, by regular ceremonies honoring members who display desired cultural behaviors, and by visibly rewarding those who display cultural norms and penalizing those who don't. B. being able to discern whether to emphasize adjustments that will promote better achievement of strategic performance targets or whether to emphasize adjustments that will promote better achievement of financial performance targets.

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