The Two of Cups indicates that there is a lot of emotional attraction, and they want to build a deeper connection with you. Trying unsuccessful to get someone to do something that they dont want to do. You must act on your feelings . These two have wandering eyes. You may have a kid who has a mental illness that is emotionally disruptive. could indicate new business partnerships. JavaScript is disabled. Getting all your work done at a rapid pace. No, I am not going to succumb to your strategically manipulative plans. Another unique thing about Ace of Cups is that it has no downside, no bad meanings: All blessing and no harm; all ease and no difficulty. A simple 3-card tarot spread for near-term relationship insight. Taking a trip. Marrying at the Court House. Unable to move your position. person and there is nothing they wouldnt do. The situation worked out fortunately well. For some of you, it seems like love doesnt interest you anymore. Intense spiritual connection to the earth. This is a good pairing and can show a good relationship, Lighthearted of foolish behavior gets reprimanded, Possibly a younger person who has a shopping problem. In a more negative scenario, the Moon can represent something that interferes with the Ten of Cups. It may not display this or other websites correctly. A healer. Art museum exhibits from around the world. This is a Major Arcana / Minor Arcana pairing. Designed and Published Under Copyright Laws by Laurelle Adjani 2013-2020, A mother and her child. New business ventures with a very wealthy and intelligent. Nothing seems to become concrete. Censorship. A woman he cant have will break his heart. The ten of cups is an outcome regardless of the center card, the Lovers. Outcast of society. A happy marriage basted on fairness and balance. Its something you have to do that you dont really want to do. Their unions are always upbeat and they are very romantic. Could indicate a woman who reads tarot at county fairs. Harmony and interpersonal relationships are at work here. I see this as one of the best two-card combinations when it comes to love and relationship readings. In the future position, can indicate a marriage. Looking for a new place to live after or during a breakup. It is very intense. Copyright 1996 - 2022 Aeclectic Tarot. Able to analyze and logically figure out any solution to all legal and life problems. Could be teacher to. A very romantic woman who is often reciprocated in love. Today's Moon Phase Its presence in a reading reflects a very authentic relationship that is built on mutual trust and respect. Connecting and chatting with a person who has the Queen of Cups personality. Seems to be reinforced by ace of cups which is an outpouring of love that is blesses by the heavens.. On my deck there is an eye in the sky that seems to bless the cup.. As celeste said, he feels like you're his other half. Having to go to the hospital or doctors office to get some shots or another procedure. You may want to expand your home based business. The Lovers, a Major Arcana card, is more likely to reference noteworthy or big picture issues in your reading. Life: New starts, brave decisions, upheaval. With the Moon as your next card, you may be in denial about how you really feel inside. The Nine of Cups represents a wish fulfilled, so it rarely fails to bring a smile to someone's face when it appears as the outcome card. Business acumen comes easy for you. Talking with people about all the spiritual information she has. Being with someone, while wishing you were with someone else. The breakup forces them to look at their relationship and do a complete soul assessment, Mundane: She calls him after the breakup to tell him how sorry she was, After a breakup, all you want to do is rest. Tomorrow's Moon Phase, Reference In this case, make sure that your goals are achievable. The Lovers typically represents choices and decisions that need to be made, while Ace of Cups is the card of new . The Lovers > Four of Cups: Stale relationship, lack of interest or becoming fed-up with circumstances. A man rising back into your life that you do not need to complete you. The Ace of Cups . Ace of Cups is unique in that although it has a goodly number of meanings, they are consistent as no other cards meanings are. Understanding completely why the relationship had to end. Get the answers for your health issues with the health tarot reading now! Having a lot of writing and work to do on an independent project, but. A goodbye without hard feelings. Free Tarot E-Book A person who has very little control over their life. You dont get the money you asked for. Perhaps it's saying he thinks you're sweet on him then, or you give off a "looking for love' vibe, if he is acting uninterested. It was meant to be. The Yes or No meaning of the Ace of Cups is "yes", while the Yes or No meaning of the Lovers is "maybe". Unable to heal from possible drug or sexual temptations. Fourth, click the cards to get your interpretation for this Saturday. The Birth of a Baby Boy: The Sun and the Ace of Wands . You maybe inspired to write and communicate through words. Believing in the fantasy of having the perfect life, Outcome to a relationship reading: Its just a dream, a fantasy. Being unbridled, passionate and fun helps motivate the efforts, Dealing with the bratty kid causes stress and anxiety. Leaving an situation which was causing much anxiety. Details. This simple 3-rune spread borrowed from tarot, reveals the past, present and future of any situation, person or event. You have a major financial decision to make. The Knight of Cups in upright position represents romantic and passionate feelings.This person is clearly in love with you and won't try to hide it in any way. Someone offers you something and you have to decide on whether or not you want to take it. Four of Cups upright AND Wheel of Fortune upright AND Four of Pentacles upright. It will be in the. You are overflowing with new reciprocated love. The end of a cycle. Wishing someone else would do it for you. Remaining calm and steady. The feminine aspect of water, which he needs to feel whole, comes from you (the current/person in question). Welcome to the world of Cups, whose first step is the open door of Ace of Cups. Page of Swords is about organizing, thinking about projects, analyzing situations. Ask yourself: Is there a truth that you avoid seeing? Music or art puts you in a dreamy good state. Defensiveness during the end of a. Its for his, He wants to cut through all the lovey dovey romance stuff and get right to the. Take the time to think through all your options. Someone maybe purposely witholding. Working so hard that it becomes overwhelming, Never giving up, no matter how hard the job becomes. He coaches the kids lacrosse (or any sport) with vigor and, You have the energy to get everything on your to do list done, A person with the King of Wands characteristics maybe causing your anxiety and. Knowing without words (which is why this combo is hard to explain! Someone tricking you into things you dont want to be involved in. The Lovers and The Devil in combination refer to a very strong magnetic attraction. Thinking about the past and how it will affect your future. Sometimes you fight the fact that its over, but it really is dead and over. Nightmares and worry result in mental instability. Dont hide from your emotions, work through and heal them instead. The meanings of the The Ace of Cups and The Ten of Cups cards The Ace of Cups means. Perhaps things didnt happen the way you hoped, and now you are feeling disappointed. The Hierophant > Five of Wands > Seven of Wands: Rebelling . Shes not going to put up with his slow, lethargic act any longer. A telephone conversation with someone you have a, Taking a walk through the woods with someone you connect with. But thats okay, you can fight this block away and soon youll be on your way. Can indicate the start of a very deep connection. Delivering something small, but important like mail or a package. Baking, cooking or gardening and needing to go out and find the needed ingredient, Completely satisfied with this new path you are venturing on, Not being able to resist breaking your diet. Someone has called upon your promise, but you refuse to act. He plants the seeds of love with careful deliberation, She decides that love must grow and flourish between them. A secret, sexual rendez-vous without your spouses knowledge. List of Tarot Spreads To your surprise, after you pack a large cart full of goods, your credit card is rejected at the store. . The King of Cups and the Lovers combination as feelings represents someone feels strong loving emotions towards you that urges them to make an important choice. Important information is in between the lines. You need to walk away from a relationship for a while, but will come back when the time, Sleeping and waiting. Although chaos ensues, new beginnings come of it. A lawyer. They know they were right anyway. You are using an out of date browser. When you are questing after love, but feeling sad at the same time, You and your friend(s) spend time shopping for gifts. Very fertile and materialistic. She works hard to have it all and she deserves it. Waiting for all your options to arrive (many may not make it home). Having no energy to do all the work required at home. Knight of Cups > The Lovers: A classic combination for an offer (or declaration) of love being made, invitation to go on a date or to become involved. Feeling apathetic, bored and rejecting the weak financial offer. Focusing on all the tasks you need to get done, A very sensitive and caring mother who is often torn between two children, Trying not to cry at a sad movie or other emotional event. Indicates a major break up and move in the process. Being severly underhanded and blaming others for your lack of success, Carefully planning your project that you realize will take a lot of time to materialize. Use tab to navigate through the menu items. You are not happy at work and you have no one but yourself to blame (which you do alot), Its a nightmare trying to do all the work yourself, but you do it anyway and then cry about it after, Being defensive all the time can be a burden, He (or she) does all the work in that relationship. Feeling pitiful and sad and writing about it. In an upside-down cup, the water wont stay. Lovers upright AND Ace of Pentacles upright AND Ten of Cups upright Details. If these resonate, then this combination is most likely a warning for you to ground yourself back into the reality. Get your fortune telling for success education now! Use our tarot combination calculator ( tool ), to find combinations automatically, Lovers upright AND Wheel of Fortune upright, Lovers upright AND Hierophant upright AND Three of Cups upright, Lovers upright AND Three of Swords upright, Lovers upright AND Four of Swords upright, Lovers upright AND Ten of Pentacles upright, Lovers reversed AND Ten of Pentacles upright, Lovers upright AND Two of Pentacles upright, Lovers upright AND Ace of Pentacles upright AND Ten of Cups upright, High Priestess upright AND Lovers upright, Fool upright AND Lovers upright AND Queen of Cups upright, Six of Cups upright AND Ace of Cups upright, Ace of Cups upright AND Ten of Wands upright, Ace of Cups upright AND Four of Cups upright, Ace of Cups upright AND Two of Cups upright, Ace of Cups upright AND Ten of Swords upright, Five of Swords upright AND Lovers upright AND Devil upright, Five of Swords upright AND Ace of Cups upright AND Devil upright, Four of Pentacles upright AND Lovers upright, Three of Pentacles upright AND Lovers upright. Are you giving yourself enough love and care or are you only giving it to others? First, think of your love question. Feeling depressed and needing time alone. Laying everything that you know out on the table, even though it maybe a hasty decision and not necessarily the right decision. Ace of Wands tarot card meaning explained, video by The Simple Tarot Ace Of Wands And Lovers As Feelings. A celebration or party is on hold or canceled. Can be anything from Papier Mache to creating costumes to creating a board games out of household projects. You will have to do some deep thinking and proceed with caution since relationship choices will affect the rest of your life. Creativity is at a maximum. The most important thing to realize about these two cards is that both have a infinity sign. Four of Cups and the Moon as someones feelings for you suggest that they feel very confused and discontent at this time. A break up where the person would rather be alone than with their partner. Structure meets abundance. My reason for creating this list of tarot card combination interpretations is to help you get to know the cards better. This woman is connected to the spirit world. Complete change. Staying focused on the end result no matter who or what is in your way. Victory will require you to stay in complete control. Click here to try one of over 20 different tarot readings for free. Justice upright AND Devil upright. According to the Golden Dawn system of connecting tarot cards with astrological equivalents, the Ace of Cups is associated with the primary element Water. The Moon is a card of secrets and deception. So organize, plan and act on those plans. It does not indicate its over, but that a time-out is needed. An invitation to a baby shower, wedding or ladies night out. From the looks of the 9 of Pentacles, its a. Select one of combination to see what it means . Something has to die, for something else to be born. Extremely strong bond between two people who may feel as one person. Blending together opposites by intensification. Tring to stay in control, while a situation doesnt go the way you want. A major traffic delays and jams from all direction. Youve found emotional contentment at home. Good fortune and luck for those who are patient.

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